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The least visited countries.

Łatwo znależć listę krajów najczęściej odwiedzanych przez turystów. Daily Mail prezentuje listę tych najrzadziej odwiedzanych.  Europę w tym wykazie reprezentują między innymi San Marino i Lichtenstein.

Where are all the tourists? The least-visited countries in the world revealed, from hidden Caribbean islands to little-known ancient realms

  • The United Nations World Tourism Organisation's latest report reveals the 15 least-visited countries globally
  • Only 1,000 people ventured to the South Pacific paradise of Tuvalu last year, making it the least-visited of all 
  • San Marino, a stunning mountainous nation flanked by northern Italy, is the least-visited place in Europe 
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środa, 16 sierpnia 2017

Speak elephant.

Chcecie mówić po "słoniowemu"?  Jest to możliwe dzięki projektowi HELLO IN ELEPHANT. Jak to działa? Dowiecie się ze strony Daily Mail.
Do you know how to say 'I love you' like an elephant? If you don't, a new tool can tell you how. 
Hello in Elephant, a project designed to raise awareness for African elephants, lets users translate phrases and emotions such as 'hello' and 'I'm sad' into a short clip showing the elephant gesture and noise equivalent.
Hello in Elephant, a project designed to raise awareness for African elephants, lets users translate phrases and emotions such as 'hello' and 'I'm sad' into a short clip showing the elephant gesture and noise equivalent.

Users can either click 'Translate your voice' and use their microphone to translate a spoken phrase into elephant language, or click' Translate text or emoji' and type a basic phrase or emoji.
After the user clicks 'translate,' the translator generates a video and showing the elephants gesture and noise. 
The video can be shared via Facebook or Twitter, or sent via facebook message - and users are given the option to donate to the cause. 

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Krótkie słowo EVEN ma wiele znaczeń i zastosowań.)*
 Może być przymiotnikiem i oznaczać : równy, gładki, płaski ( o powierzchni); równy, jednaki, jednostajny (o odstępach, temperaturze, usposobieniu); równomierny, regularny (o pulsie, kroku), parzysty (o liczbach); sprawiedliwy.
Jako przysłówek znaczy : nawet, akurat, właśnie, równo, równomiernie.

Even spotykamy też w wielu wyrażeniach.
EVEN NOW - nawet teraz, w tej chwili. EVEN SO - pomimo tego, nawet gdyby tak było. 
EVEN THEN - nawet wtedy, mimo wszystko. EVEN IF/THOUGH - chociażby nawet.
EVEN ODDS - równe szanse. NEVER EVEN - ani nie . 
EVEN-HANDED - sprawiedliwy, bezstronny.
Słowo EVEN może byc używane do opisywania czegoś nadzwyczajnego
i zaskakującego.
Na przykład:
 He can't cook. He can't even boil an egg.
They didn't even say hello.
*( Wielki Słownik Angielsko-Polski, Jan Stanisławski)

wtorek, 8 sierpnia 2017

The shipyard that changed humanity

Na stronie BBC w cyklu artykułów  pod wspólnym  tytułem Places That Changed The World znajdziemy tekst o stoczni gdańskiej.
In the old dockland area of Gdańsk, Poland, a fair walk from the attractive tourist hub of the Main Town, stands a striking, rust-brown building.
This is the European Solidarity Centre (ESC), opened in 2014. Its massive bulk and ochre-coloured panels give a hint of the former function of this location, as if a giant vessel has come aground in this former shipyard.What really caught my eye, however, is the older structure next to it: a sturdy set of metal gates attached to a blue guardhouse, with the words Stocznia Gdańska (Gdańsk Shipyard) in huge block letters above.
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The Beatles "Help".

52 lata temu ukazał się piąty album grupy The Beatles pod tytułem " HELP" . Płyta zawierała takie ponadczasowe przeboje jak : tytułowy utwór Help  i Yesterday

The Beatles' fifth official UK album release, Help! was the soundtrack to the group's second feature film. It contained 14 songs: 10 by Lennon-McCartney, two more by George Harrison, and a further two cover versions.The film had an early working title of Beatles II, until Eight Arms To Hold You was suggested. This was used for around three weeks in March and April 1965, and Capitol Records even announced that it would be the title of their first US single of the year.

piątek, 4 sierpnia 2017

How to make perfect scrambled eggs

Brytyjski kucharz Gordon Ramsey ujawnia sekret przygotowania jajecznicy doskonałej.
Scrambled eggs are a delicious way to start your day, but they can easily go from sloppy to overcooked and rubbery in seconds.
Now Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed his technique for making a delicious dish of buttery eggs - and he says it guarantees a perfect plate every time.
His trick is to take the pan off the heat and then put it back on again for a few seconds, repeating the process until they are cooked.

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wtorek, 25 lipca 2017

The Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce, Poland

Muzeum Zabawek i Zabawy w Kielcach to bardzo miłe miejsce, które dostarczy atrakcji i przyjemności zarówno dzieciom jak i dorosłym. Sprawdziłam i polecam!
The Museum of Toys and Play is the biggest and the oldest museum of toys in Poland. On an exhibition area of six hundred thirty-one square metres there are presented a few thousands of exhibits. Visitors can see a multitude of exhibitions, among others, historical and folk toys, dolls from all over the world, model cars, aeroplanes, boats, railway models and theatrical dolls.
We endeavour to make the visiting of the museum unusual adventure for children, hence interactive exhibitions where young learners of the history of toys can not only watch but also touch the exhibits. During visiting the museum children have a chance to play both in a play area and, in summer, also in the courtyard of the museum.

piątek, 21 lipca 2017

The Wall Live in Berlin

21 lipca 1990 roku w Berlinie odbył się koncert The Wall Live in Berlin dla uczczenia upadku muru berlińskiego. 
Koncert oparto na muzyce z albumu The Wall grupy Pink Floyd.

wtorek, 18 lipca 2017

Kate is popular in Poland !

Do takiego wniosku doszły brytyjskie media, które sporo uwagi poświęcają wizycie pary książęcej w Polsce.

She's popular in Poland! Thousands crowd the marketplace in Gdansk to catch a glimpse of the Duchess as she and Wills toast their new fans with a traditional liqueur made from flakes of gold

  • Couple are in the midst of a five-day tour of Poland and Germany, and touched down in Warsaw yesterday
  • They received a rapturous welcome in Gdansk where hundreds of locals lined streets to catch a glimpse 
  • First stop on today's itinerary was the former Stutthof concentration camp to meet Holocaust survivors
  • Duke and Duchess will later visit Gdansk's shipyards, the birthplace of Poland

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'Katemania' sweeps Warsaw as thousands go crazy for Kate Middleton on Royal visit to Gdańsk

Dense crowds held up Union Jack flags, children stood on window ledges to get a better view, and a sea of camera phones filled the air with arms stretched out to snap Kate and William...

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Keep something/somebody at bay.

Keep something/somebody at bay -
 to prevent someone or something unpleasant from harming you,
 to control something and prevent it from causing you problems.
(Cambridge Dictionary)
czyli nie dopuszczać do siebie, trzymać na dystans.

BAY - laur, wawrzyn, ZATOKA, przęsło, wnęka