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Christmas Market Guide

Na liście 14 najciekawszych jarmarków bożonarodzeniowych Europy opracowanej przez linie lotnicze Ryanair znalazł się Kraków .
Go and see the Krakow’s Rynek Glowny come alive with thousands of lights this Christmas.
Eat your fill of hearty Polish food and mulled wine, buy some charming handmade decorations and enjoy wrapping up against the wintry Polish weather.
What is really interesting about this market is Krakow’s Szopki – intricate, handmade, multi-coloured glittery ‘Christmas Cribs’ on display.
On the first Thursday of December, Christmas gets serious when the crib-makers gather to find out who wins the great Krakow crib-off.
Where else should I shop in the city?
Check out Kazimierz and the open air markets – particularly Plac Targowy. Pick up typical souvenirs at the Cloth Hall in the centre of the main square including glasswork, lace, amber, wood carvings, local sweets and stuffed dragons.

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November in Australia.

Nikt nie lubi listopada, bo to miesiąc brzydki i ponury. Czy jest na to jakaś rada? Owszem. Można wybrać się do Australii...
As November rolls around in Australia, springtime is typically wrapping up in most destinations as the warmth is just starting to kick in and bring along with it all its trademark signs throughout the country.
Increases in both temperature and humidity start to become more of a factor, opening up a wider range of potential travel destinations than the more restrictive colder months, while the month still retains all the inherent benefits of its status as an "off peak" season of the year.
Overall, November is a great, balanced month for travel in Australia as it falls outside the busy school holiday periods - meaning both flight and accommodation prices are typically still reasonable during this part of the year. Add in some still-colourful landscapes with floral blooms providing some extra splash for many sightseeing adventures, and you've got a solid all-around month for taking a trip.
But where are some of the best places in Australia to travel in November? Here's our list of five can't-miss getaway spots, as well as what each has to offer.

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The safest place to go on holiday

Wybieracie się za granicę? Najbezpieczniejszym krajem, w którym można spędzić urlop jest Islandia. Nie grożą nam tam ani ataki terrorystyczne, ani klęski żywiołowe. A widoki sa niesamowite ....

Iceland is the safest place to go on holiday followed by the United Arab Emirates, according to a new report by Which? Travel.To compile the list, Which? Travel * picked 20 of the most popular holiday destinations around the world.
The researchers then analysed crime statistics from the World Economic Fund, natural disaster risk assessments from the World Risk Report, health risk data from the NHS Fit for Travel site and terrorism risk levels from the Foreign Office.Iceland ranked top due to violent crime in the country being 'extremely rare', along with having one of the lowest probabilities of a natural disaster.
Which? Travel is Britain's most trusted travel magazine, full of destinations, investigations and tests.

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Teqball to nowa dyscyplina sportowa, która łączy w sobie piłkę nożną i tenis stołowy.
Teqball is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football. The equipment is a training tool for both professionals and amateurs to develop their technical, concentration skills, and stamina. The sport will bring real football to the home of the customers. Teqboard together with the Teqbox add-on, which is expected to be released next year, is the world’s first equipment that can objectively measure the technical football skills of a player in a fun-filled way.
Teqball is the cleanest type of football. There is no physical contact between the players and according to the official rules of the sport, it is forbidden to touch the equipment. As a consequence, the risk of injury is very low.

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Artificial moon.

Chińczycy wyprodukowali już wszystko. Teraz planują umieszczenie na niebie sztucznego księżyca.

A city in China is planning to launch an ‘artificial moon’ that will light up the skies as far as 50 miles around.
The so-called illumination satellite set to deploy over the southwestern city of Chengdu in 2020 is touted to be eight times as bright as the real moon, to cast a ‘dusk-like glow’ over the region, according to the People’s Daily.
Officials have released few details on the project, but say the idea pulls inspiration from a French artist who envisioned a necklace of mirrors hanging over Earth.
It will complement the moon to make Chengu’s night skies brighter when it launches in 2020, potentially serving as a replacement to conventional streetlights.
The artificial moon can be controlled to light up an area between 10 and 80 kilometers wide (6 to 50 miles).
While it might sound implausible, Wu says the technology has been in the works for years and has now ‘matured’ toward readiness.

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The capital city older than Rome.

Stolica starsza od Rzymu? O jakie miasto chodzi? To stolica Armenii - Erewań, po angielsku YEREVAN.
The capital city of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It dates back to the 8th century, when the fortress of Erebuni was built by king Argishti I. Yerevan is often pegged as the ‘Pink City’ because of the colour of the stones used to build much of the city centre, which is a compact area known as Kentron. This area, amongst others, has been greatly developed over the past decade, resulting in more restaurants, cafés, shops and hotels.The capital city is fast becoming a major tourist destination thanks to its numerous landmarks, extensive nightlife, great museums and lovely parks.
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Doctor No.

5 października 1962, czyli 56 lat temu, odbyła się premiera pierwszego filmu z serii James Bond.

Film nosił tytuł Doctor No, a w rolę agenta 007 wcielił się szkocki aktor Sean Connery.
‘Dr. No’ was the first official (produced by EON Productions) James Bond film. Its world premiere took place at London Pavilion on October 5th, 1962. The building with nearly 1200 seats was located on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Coventry Street on the north-east side of Piccadilly Circus in London.There were five showings of ‘Dr. No’ that day, starting at 10.45 a.m. Celebrities including Sean Connery (who played 007), Zena Marshall (who played Miss Taro), film director Terence Young, producers Hally Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli, as well as James Bond author Ian Fleming attented a gala screening in the evening.

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30 Most Powerful Fat Burning Fruits

Co jakiś czas czytamy o cudownych metodach pozbycia się zbędnych kilogramów. Oto lista trzydziestu owoców ponoć spalających tłuszcz.Najbardziej zdumiał mnie fakt, że za owoce uznano awokado, pomidory i bakłażany. 
A gdzie czarne porzeczki, agrest, jeżyny ? Czmu są morele, a nie ma brzoskwiń? W odchudzającą moc bananów też trudno mi uwierzyć.

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New Amsterdam becomes New York

We wrześniu 1664 roku Holendrzy przekazali Anglikom miasto Nowy Amsterdam, który otrzymał wkrótce nazwę Nowy Jork na cześć księcia Yorku.
Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant surrenders New Amsterdam, the capital of New Netherland, to an English naval squadron under Colonel Richard Nicolls. Stuyvesant had hoped to resist the English, but he was an unpopular ruler, and his Dutch subjects refused to rally around him. Following its capture, New Amsterdam’s name was changed to New York, in honor of the Duke of York, who organized the mission.
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